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The Syntax of Discipleship

Matt 28:19

The pendulum swings to and fro in the field of (higher, including theological) education from extreme to extreme, returning briefly to the center only to pass through it again. Early in my teaching career, the watchword was “transformational education.” The primary object of education, according to proponents of the philosophy, involves changing Continue reading The Syntax of Discipleship

Religionless Ministry

Last week my family celebrated the graduation of my youngest son with a Master’s degree in social work from the School of Social Work of Virginia Commonwealth University.  The School of Social Work is large enough to require a separate commencement.  I expected to experience all the typical sensations and emotions:  pride in my son, a touch of Continue reading Religionless Ministry

“Study to show yourself approved unto God…” (2 Tim 2:15)

Evidence suggests that two impulses deeply rooted in my religious tradition have recently resurfaced in not-so-subtle disguises to the potential detriment of the church:  ministerial servitude and anti-intellectualism.  By the former, I mean the constellation of behaviors that churches manifest toward their ministers and that reveal an underlying confusion

Continue reading “Study to show yourself approved unto God…” (2 Tim 2:15)