Israel’s United Monarchy IV

Israel’s United Monarchy 4 – FPC Richmond 10/17

One thought on “Israel’s United Monarchy IV

  1. It is so good for me to hear Dr. Biddle teaching again! An aside from the lesson, I was thinking of the miracles of the Bible just the other day and of course, thought, “Well we just do not hear of God working in those obvious ways any longer.” With interpretation being a crucial aspect of not only reading Scripture, but certainly in delivering any form of communication regarding it, I have a tendency of looking and viewing certain circumstances of life and the Scripture itself from a base perspective of God granting us free will, the Joban story (and Job’s very confused, yet convicted, friends), and the unfortunate and oft mistaken “obvious” superficial and errant interpretation of the Bible. So much complexity in Scripture regarding the layers of resources, however, when in conjunction with the overall message of the New Testament, I find the personal and compassionate witness of God in Jesus Christ to be the crux of the true interpretation of what it all means- the Corner Stone, indeed! The public flogging of Christ Himself, and all of the religious context that justified it, an indication of how crucial not only interpretation of Scripture, but a mind, heart, and soul that is capable of reaching beyond to obtain what could not be doubted as the only correct answer, given a view of many factors, including the manner in which God God’s Self relates to us! Interesting that it does not seem we have gotten very far.