Catching up

I was very busy yesterday and did not make good on my promise to catch up on Ellen’s musical offerings, so there will be two today.

Ellen explains:

“On the ninth day of Christmas, my family sang to theee…

‘I wonder as I wander!’

Do any of you do this while reading through hymns — reading over someone’s shoulder, and all the words on the different lines merge together?? Haha, well that happened more than a couple times for both of us on this one, but oh well!  A beautiful melody and great to sing with my dad as always.

Only 3 more songs to share and then our bloopers on Christmas day, can you believe it??”

“On the tenth day of Christmas, I sang a little thingggg!

O come, O come, Emmanuel!

Thanks for the request, Kristin! I love this hymn so much, so I figured I’d keep it simple and acapella.  Pardon the mussed up hair and no frills with this video — just me and my little mess happy to sing a song that warms the heart.  I’m so glad you all are enjoying this 12 days of Singing as much as my family and I enjoyed making it! Just a couple days left, and then bloopers Christmas day!”